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point to point, tokyo
For this year’s Pointe to Point, 23 young artists from 17 countries: Cambodia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Thailand will confront specific issues on localism vis-à-vis globalism. Each one will present his/her own realities and situation addressing what it means to be local, employing areas in contemporary dance and through collaborative artistic expressions.

Naoto Iina, founding Director of Dance and Media Japan and dance curator for Pointe to Point, together with Japanese Choreographer Anna, German media team: Walkscreen and Japan’s RE [], Responsive Environment, will be facilitating the collaboration towards the creation of media and human installation to articulate an active message. Dancers will react and interact through a recreated time and space. Over a thousand photographs by German artists Ruthe Zuntz and Michael Reitz will be reflected through a series of projectors and sensors to show the rhythm and speed of the city. A glimpse of Tokyo’s everyday life, pointing to and coming from different directions is expected to take the audiences to an experiential guided tour of Pointe to Point.



Goethe Institute Tokyo


Dance and Media Japan

[RE] Responsive Environment

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