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floating flux
This outdoor installation draws attention to the one element that we are most dependent on and that is getting rarer by the way: drinking water.

Floating Flux is about drinking water as well as about "thinking water". It illustrates the cycle of water: from natural water, to drinking water, to waste water and back to drinking water. We assembled hundreds of empty plastic bottles that were used to contain mineral water into huge rafts that we left floating in the river Spree. The rafts resembled sheets of ice and obstructed the way for those who rowed the river, meanwhile drawing attention to how beautiful natural water could be when it wouldn't be meddled with. Because once the obstacles were overcome, the rowers could appreciate the beauty and vulnerability of nature even more.



Pressevideo Aquamediale (RBB)


Artist Dirk Krechting

Sponsored by:

Akademie der Künste

Berliner Botschaft

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