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what the hell is a big city?
This installation takes the ingredients that comprise every city, assembling them into a city that is New York, Berlin, Rome and Tel Aviv at the same time.

The nightlife area, the business district, the shopping street, the hip quarters, the rich quarters - you find them in New York, Berlin, Rome, Tel Aviv, and every other big city around the world. Contemporary urban nomads can experience variations within corresponding parts of cities, wherever they go. This installation focuses on globalized perceptions of cities. No-one needs to choose one favorite city any more: You can take the best of each city and assemble the pieces to create one city that's perfect just for you.

Visitors are presented with corresponding images of different cities shown on three big screens. The result is a single city simultaneously made up of fascinating, endearing and unique details of New York, Berlin, Rome and Tel Aviv. Everyone can dive into what becomes one big subjective city.

Soundtrack by Soundartist Nathalie Bruys


Junge Akademie



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