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Walkabout is a composition of perspectives of the visitors, the urban inhabitants, and the urban environment. - A life-sized pop-up picture book.

In Berlin you have to dig a little deeper to find the city's stories. While New York happens in the streets, Berlin takes place in the back yards. With a complex camera construction, developed by walkscreen for an effect we called "look around photography", we shot series of photographs in the backyards of Berlin's historical centre where history and stories are most intrinsically tied to one another.

The visitors enter the virtual back yards at their own pace and with full control of the speed with which the back yard stories unfold. Visitors walk into the 3D installation on an interactive carpet equipped with touch-sensitive sensors. Every step draws visitors further into back yards. Corresponding soundbites complete the experience. The photographs are compositions of perceptions. They tell 12 exciting stories about different places and people in Berlin's Mitte district. With the different angles the artists use - bird's eye view; worm's eye view; everything in between - they offer the visitor entirely new ways to access stories. The visitors become Lilliputians, or Gullivers, towering above the scene one second and crawling on the ground the next. The effect is that of a pop-up picture book: the reader of the story, the visitor, controls the speed with which the pages turn and thus the pace at which the story unfolds.

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