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berlin neukölln
the walkscreen
The walkscreen installation that lends its name to the group of artists turns the viewer into an active visitor and explorer of cities.

The visitors can immerse themselves in the structures of the city as the displayed photographs change according to the visitors' arm movements. With a simple gesture, visitors change the perspective of the computer-animated city in front of them. They control the images; are part of the images; and, ultimately, part of the city. Illusion melts into reality. Ruthe Zuntz and Micheal Reitz photographed Neukölln, an area of Berlin comparable to New York's Bronx. They photographed shops closed down because they could not generate sufficient turnover in the area. The empty shopfronts and the streets they face create a sense of desertion and loneliness.

This installation focuses on structures and the absence of people, another aspect of the urban landscape. Thousands of photographs form the basis for a computer-animated rendition of the quarter's blocks. Four bundled sensors placed overhead gather every movement of the visitors' arms and send the information to the computer that controls the animated display.

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