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moving images
"moving images" moves New York to Berlin. The lively and always hectic bundle of New York lifestyles, the irresistible New Yorkers, the noise, the everpresent insomnia, the sometimes comforting and sometimes inhuman anonymity - that's the focus of this project.

This huge installation aims to capture the spirit and to allow visitors to experience the speed and unpredictability of New York. Each screen on the ground imbues a unique chapter of the New York story. One of the screens tells the story of dog parks, a place where only dogs and their owners are allowed. - The visitors, presented with a grid of screens that resemble New York's streets and avenues, is the accidental architect of a dynamic, colorful, ever-changing and noisy version of New York.

16 slide projectors cast more than 1.000 photographs onto the ground, covering an area of 600sq.m. Each projector is equipped with a sensor that responds to even the tiniest movements of the visitor walking on the photographs projected onto the ground. With each movement a new photograph and a new corresponding soundbite appear. The visitors have no control; all they can do is explore the projection and surrender to the pace of the city. - Just like you have to do when you want to become part of New York.

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