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philosophy of walkscreen

Stories unfold in front of our eyes. Every minute of every day. Our eyes absorb images, send the information to our brains - where they are transformed into new stories; into OUR stories. We interpret what we see; we charge our visions with our emotions and our experiences.

walkscreen's primary objective is to involve and include our visitor in the art installations. walkscreen installations are never about leaning back and enjoying the movie. On the contrary: the visitors are crucial to the installation. They become directors of the scenes and stories around them. Not until they participate will the installation begin to blossom. Their movements and their choices bring the stories to life. - One our motivations is to see the visitors emerge from their installation with shiny eyes and the conviction that they have physically explored the story's locale.

Curiosity. About people, living spaces, current topics.

We approach our motifs systematically. We get to the heart of the matter before we artistically capture our surroundings and atmosphere.

Every photograph displays layers of meaning and expresses its own story: It captures shadow and light; freezes happiness and mourning; and conveys rhythm and stillness. Suitable installation techniques help visitors to ralph lauren outlet bring the captured stories back to life.

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